January 9, 2008

"The Dubious Cricket Awards", a tennis player's reaction and a day out at the beach

Well, I never had any intention of posting today but some forwarded stuff regarding the "Sydney Test Fiasco" made its way into my mailbox and I decided to share it.


Best Umpire : Ricky Ponting
Best Australian Players : Steve Bucknor, Mark Benson
Honest Team : Australia
Best Actor : Michael Clarke
Honest Player : Andrew Symonds


Characters- Ponting, Symonds (Roy), Harbhajan (Bhajji) and the ICC Match Referee- Mike Procter

Ponting and Co: Harbhajan called Symonds a "monkey"!!! It amounts to racial abuse!!!!
Procter: Did you call Symonds a "Monkey"?
Bhajji: No, I addressed a monkey as "Symonds"
Procter: So you did
Bhajji : (Silence)
Procter : How dare you insult a monkey.You are now banned for 3 matches.
Bhajji : (Sad)
Ponting & Co : ????
Ponting : Hey, Roy.What did Procter say?
Symonds : Who cares, he's banned now.You can bat well in the next game.
Ponting : No, Anil is also there. Ask Procter whether he can ban him too.
Symonds : We'll see in the next match, if he takes your wicket, we'll complain.
Ponting: That is an awesome idea!!!

There was this weird drama that took place yesterday in a tennis match. Australian tennis star Lleyton Hewitt complained against umpiring in a match he played with Chris Guccione which Hewitt lost 7-6 (7-4), 7-6 (7-2). And the coincidence didn't just end there as the name of the umpire was a guy with the name Steve Ullrich! That is what I call "The Steve Connection"! Empathising with the Indian Cricket Team's complaints he said, "I feel like the cricketers, I think. What's going on with all the refs these days? They're useless!" I agree with you too, Mr. Hewitt and so do many other cricket lovers.

In the meanwhile, the Indian team finally came out of their hotel room in Sydney and went to the famous Bondi beach where they had a day out after some of their complaints were addressed to by the ICC. This is what Indian skipper Anil Kumble had to say about the media coverage of the outing- "I never thought we played such good beach volleyball. There were about 15 journalists to cover that." The Indian team has received overwhelming support from a large section of the Australian public and media and are no doubt going to be the followed very closely till the end of the tour.

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Hey ..this is absolute carnage...good stuff!